communicating with confidence has never been more important

Under the spotlight being interviewed by a journalist, before a crowd of peers giving a presentation, sitting across the table from a potential employer during a job interview, or at a bar with on your first real-life date with an online match - good communication is crucial to success.

But it’s not always so simple. What if you’re reserved and not used to being in the spotlight? What if you become overwhelmed by pressure and say the wrong thing? What if you struggle to connect to your audience or your conversation partner? What if instead speaking too little you have a tendency to ramble on?

I understand. Here’s my story:

About to live on national Australian television from a protest in Hong Kong in 2017

About to live on national Australian television from a protest in Hong Kong in 2017

When I was growing up I was painfully shy. Excelling at school and work was built into in my family’s culture, but being outgoing and direct in my communication wasn’t. So when I decided to become a broadcast journalist, a career that required me to assert myself in a newsroom of outspoken, big characters and demonstrate my expertise calm and confidence live on national television (!) improving my communication, professionally and personally, was critical. Fortunately becoming a good communicator is something you can learn and that’s where I come in.

How can I help you or your organisation?


Media Training

Media interviews are great opportunities to showcase expertise and impact your target audience, but with today’s 24-hour deadline-driven news-cycle it’s often all too easy for messages to be confused on misinterpreted. With the right training spokespersons can confidently learn to communicate their knowledge, avoid media mishaps and boost their brand.  

I offer one-on-one 1.5 hour sessions or a full day of comprehensive media training for groups/individuals where participants leave with the confidence and basic knowledge required for television, radio and print interviews. Each full-day session includes on-camera interview practice (participants are given a copy of this on USB) and is tailored according to the particular needs and level of experience of each individual/group. 

Topics covered include:

  1. Crafting key messages for your audience and communicating your organisations/personal brand

  2. Fine-tuning you delivery and presenting with confidence (body language, voice, posture and dress)

  3. Tailoring responses to different media platforms

  4. Dealing with difficult questions/hostile interviewees

Communications Coaching

We all know someone who radiates charisma. They seem engage people as soon as they enter a room, sometimes without having to say a thing. Their presentations are strong and to the point and meeting people and making friends seems to come naturally. Sure, a select few are born like this, but for most of us it’s thankfully something we can learn! You may not have a product to sell, but knowing how to sell yourself in professional and social environments can be just as important, and is something that will benefit you for life.

During one-on-one or small group sessions we can discuss strategies to help improve communication in specific areas, as well as learn how to apply these in a variety of environments and contexts.

I offer each new client a complimentary 20 minute mini session where we can talk through possible areas of improvement and simple techniques and tips that you can apply straight away. Get in touch to learn more.